Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So, you need a photographer.  You look in the phone book or on-line and there so many to choose from.  How do you know who to go with?

Here are some things to look for:

-  What kind of photography do you need? - Some photographers specialize in certain area's of portraiture. If they don't normally photograph weddings, then you should find one who does and enjoys taking them.  This can make a huge difference in the quality and style that they do.

-  Do they have a website - a professional photographer today will. 
   This is a way for them to show you their work and tell you a little
   about themselves.  Some will also have a Facebook page, but won't
   use this in place of a website.

-  Do you want indoor studio or outdoor portraits?  Maybe you
    want more casual portraits (photo-journalism) at your home.
      - Indoor studio portraits should be photographed on a
         professional background, not a sheet.  You can usually
         tell when it is a bed sheet vs. a quality background.

        The advantage of a studio portrait is that it eliminates
        any distractions in the background.  The focus is on clients.
        You also don't have to worry about the weather and wind.

      - Outdoor portraits can be a little more trickier.  One of the
        biggest obstacle's is lighting.  The clients shouldn't be facing
        the sun and squinting.  There shouldn't be sun splatter running
        across their faces and their faces should have good skin tone.
        Also, the grass & trees should be a shade of green, not white
        or a light washed out yellow.  It may not be a dark green, but
        you should be able to see color in the grass & trees.

      - Photo-Journalism/Casually Posed - Lighting here is just as
        important, whether it is at your home, backyard or a park.
        You want to make sure that it doesn't look like a "snap
        shot".  With bad lighting and poor color, that is what it will
        look like.
-  Skin tone and exposure are extremely important in a good
        professional portrait, whether indoor or outdoor.

       Skin tone is not blue, washed out or grayish.  A professional
       studio will work to get the proper exposure when the image is
       taken & will color correct their images to give them the proper
       color.  This is one of the biggest difference you will see between
       a professional and a hobbyist, who likes to take pictures.

-  Do they offer retouching?  Some studio's have a separate fee for
        retouching and other's include it.  Portraits should be retouched.
        Retouching removes blemishes, dark circles under the eyes,
        stray hairs and some will whiten teeth.

-  Price, You will see that prices for professional portraits is all
        over the place.  There are many reasons for the fluctuation. 
        Experience & education are two key factors.  There are
        many photographers who have been in business for years.
        Some have gone to school & some have gotten their training
        from working for another studio.  They have learned the proper
        techniques in acquiring good, guality images.  These
        photographers are also the ones who have been doing
        this full-time and have over head expenses.

        Then there are the ones who are looking to make a little extra
        money and don't have over head costs of advertising/marketing,
        utilities and all the other costs associated with running any type
        of business.  So they keep their prices lower.

        In both categories, there are good and not so good
        photographers.  You will see a lot who say they have
        a "good" or "professional" camera.  Unfortunately it
        isn't the camera that makes you a good photographer.
        It is knowing how to use it, as well as proper lighting
        & how to put the finishing touches on the final portrait.

- Referrals/Recommendations - Ask your family & friends who
they know and have used.  If they have used someone, ask to
see their portrait that was taken.  Then ask them if they were
happy with the results.  Just because they used a particular
photographer, doesn't mean they were happy with the finished
portrait or their experience with them.

Most portraits are a once in a lifetime experience....your Senior
Portraits & Wedding Portraits.  Others you will have the
opportunity over the years to capture.  Some more frequently
than others.  Therefore, you want to make sure that you are
choosing a photographer who can give you a professional
portrait that you can look back on with pride.  Knowing that
it is the best that can be.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Radio FM Bridal Show

Great day at the Bridal Show today at the Ramada.  Had several people stop by the photo booth to get information and try it out.  Even those who say they don't like having their picture taken said that the photo booth is fun!

Check out the images on my facebook page:

If you are looking to add some fun and entertainment to your wedding reception, add a photo booth.  I had several people who have seen them at a friends wedding reception say how much fun they are.  They are almost giddy when they talk about it.